My wish is to live through life – one day at a time.

My wish is to survive each pain – one single teardrop at a time.

My wish is to get through nightmares – one night at a time.

My wish is to take one bold move – one step at a time.

My wish is to be happy – one single smile at a time.

My wish is to have all of you to be completely removed from me – one memory at a time.



Attacks from Uninvited


That’s me laughing my heart out inside an abandoned building with nothing inside but colorful graffiti and debris. That’s also me when I somehow managed to get through some episodes. 🙂

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Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and Taipei 101: Inside Taiwan’s Landmarks

Among the most popular destinations in Taiwan, particularly in Taipei, Taipei 101 and Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall are the one’s that’s hard to miss. These two are more likely the epitome of Taiwan, though I’m telling you there’s  still so many great places to explore in this island. It’s just that in our generation today, in order to get everyone convinced that you had actually been in Taiwan, these two landmarks are sufficient enough to be used as your proof. 😀

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Memories in Feroz Shah Kotla: Around New Delhi’s Ancient Tombs and Forts Series


My finale for this series about New Delhi’s Ancient Tombs and Forts!

Firoz Shah Kotla is a fortified city founded in 1354 by the Tughluq sultan Firoz Shah. It for sure hold some of India’s darkest part, yet the complex currently enjoys patronage of architectural revolution.

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The Great Purana Qila: Around New Delhi’s Ancient Tombs and Forts Series



I loved old forts, especially when it’s built on the 16th century!

Purana Qila is a well-known and one of the oldest forts in Delhi. Surrounded by a wide moat that is connected to Yamuna River, it is believed to be built in the site of the ancient city, Indraprastha.

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Safdarjung’s Tomb: Around New Delhi’s Ancient Tombs and Forts Series


Here’s to the fourth! ❤

Built around 1700’s, this century-old mausoleum garden tomb is famous among tourists and has inspired a lot artist enthusiasts. And why wouldn’t it be? Its famous styling from former Mughal rulers, the use of marble sandstone which always give the visitors that classical vibe and of course, a place of worship inside helps you feel so harmonious.

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Qutb Minar’s a Victory Tower (or NOT): Around New Delhi’s Ancient Tombs and Forts Series


Here’s the third set of the series “Around New Delhi’s Ancient Tombs and Forts“- the Qutb Minar. This minaret was first established around 1200 AD, however the origin of this remains debatable. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is believed by some to be a trophy after the defeat of the last Hindu kingdom or simply served a minaret to the muezzins to call the faithful to prayer.

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Inside the Lodhi Garden: Around New Delhi’s Ancient Tombs and Forts Series


Shisha Gumbad

The second garden-tomb features the Lodhi Garden, formerly known as the old Lady Willington Park. Inside the enclosed wall are tombs of the former rulers, the earliest tombs were built way back around 1400 AD. The structures are mixed of Hindu and Muslim architecture, thus, one can find a Mosque inside the garden.  

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Charms of Humayon: Around New Delhi’s Ancient Tombs and Forts Series

Photo credit: SRS

Ola! I’m back to my old backlogs!

I suddenly missed India these days. I never really thought of getting back to writing until #gradschool life makes me wanna do unwind a ‘lil bit. I thought of these drafts for too long (way toooooo long 😀 😀 😀 ) and they kept hunting me.

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