Happy Third-y Rihan James!

Blessed is the day you came and filled our hearts with happiness.


It was already three years since the day I convinced myself that my sister would be a happy wife she is today. That’s when this little angel came into our lives. While everybody’s celebrating his Natal day, allow me take you back from where it all started.

The proud mama-to-be waited patiently for his born son to come out.

The proud mama-to-be waited patiently for his born son to come out.

Finally, at 2:01am on May 7, 2011, Rihan was born. #firstkiss

Finally, at 2:01am on May 7, 2011, Rihan was born. #firstkiss


Her first “Mommy-Duty”

In my Papa's arm!

In my Papa’s arm!


His first bath in front of his avid “Fans and Viewers”. 😀


safe and Sound in Lolo’s Arm! #proudLOLO


In his baptismal suit. 🙂 So Tiny little baby!!

I’m glad I still have these pictures to look into. Hahaha. These were taken during his first few months stay in Philippines. His stay left as with memories to treasure.

Soon enough, they left for Singapore, visited Malaysia before settling in his Papa’s homeland, India. Such a traveler, like his parents. ❤



In papa’s arms once again.

With Lola "Yoyoy" and Papa.

With Lola “Yoyoy” and Papa in Singapore

His distinct facial expressions as well as being an icon could lift ones spirits.

The toothless smile :D

The toothless smile 😀


The smile that will sweep off your feet ❤


I’m tough, now what?? 😀

2013-01-12 13.41.17

❤ ❤


His version of a duck-faced, pouty-look !! 😀


fashion icon

2013-02-01 14.00.04


2013-01-20 11.20.30

And a loving kuya to Aryan…


2012-10-16 14.49.27


2012-10-05 11.20.17


EVEN THOUGH, at times…

2013-01-30 17.46.20

😦 Its #tearyday

2012-11-10 11.07.35

My turn, little Aryan!! Hahaha

But the big boy Rihan will forever be bubbly and loving boy to all of us.


Happy 3rd Birthday Rihan! We missed you and your whole family..


Love. Love

Tita Michaela



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