Memoirs of Summer

Oh, had summer just ended yet? I’m pretty sure we’re all excited to go back to school, aren’t we? Anyways, summer is just a perfect getaway for all of students, especially from someone like me who never had a summer break until last week. Heheh been pretty obsessed with studies hah!!

Anyways, speaking of summer, I had these plenty of stories to tell. Of course, summer will never be a “summer” without sunburns while hitting the beach with people close to your heart. But what made it special was the fact that I had started to work out things I only had been imagining these past years. Making and putting things into reality was just a-worthy story, proving to myself that I ain’t just a dreamer but a maker. So here are those:


  1. Go for Yoga

Recently, I became obsessed with healthy lifestyle. That would include eating right foods, with additional regimen and routine to keep sweats away. And no, I ain’t talking about rigorous exercise but to this what they called yoga. I admit, I was pretty much lazy doing exercise, but what made me fall for this thing was the fact that you’re not constantly moving your body. Instead, you only need to practice the right breathing, performed the basic steps for about five breaths and there you go- a sweaty-little-you in few minutes. That’s for sure. And it’s penniless. You only need to research, download and print. Easy right?


  1. Meet the Fernandez Beach Resort

Summer will never be complete without you and your classmates going to the beach. And we did just that right after the finals. It’s very typical thing to do especially if you really want to unwind. The place was really cool and such a perfect place to restore your lost energies. However, we learned a thing or two- never hit the beach without proper prep. Hehe

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This dudes talaga!!

  1. My Folks Safe Trip

I might not be included on the list, but it was a good feeling that your parents were now travelling the world before you. Oh how envious I would be! Hehe but they deserved it, after making us who we were today, they deserved to be in other places aside from our hometown. They were now what I called ‘The Lovers over Flower’. hahah

  1. Our Bugo Clanniversary!

Horay for that Saturday. It was April 26 when we had our memorable outing to Cannibad Samal Island. That trip proved our determination and to put “no pain, no gain” phrase into test. Sure, we had this unconventional travel through rough-y road with unfinished pavements, unpredictable curves and super lengthy trip. But such a jackpot! The place was such a serene with diving spots and lots of wonders. Poor me, I couldn’t enjoy swimming that much. Blame it to my lack of swimming skills. Heheh

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  1. The Labor Day of Love

Enough of those typical getaways, I had this heartwarming experience for the fire victims of Boulevard, Davao City. These victims were living at different schools near the area for the mean time. And getting there to perform small activities for the kids made us realized how lucky we were. Just to see them laughed and enjoyed the activities we prepared for them made them forgot the harsh reality they were in. I remembered these kids hanging around me, asking when we would come back. But it was difficult to answer, knowing that at the end of the day, we would be coming back home, and they would stay until helps would come and their hopes would be restored.

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  1. Work it!

In between these date May 1 and 3, my second-year as Student Training Assistant put a mark. Oh, it felt like it was just yesterday when I applied, took some tests, got interviewed, was accepted, transferred places and assignments, conquered conflict time schedules, stressed and worn out, cried, learned and be whole again. Wooh! Those were the years of sacrifice, being able to see the real world from my perspective and took some things for it.


  1. The Blog and its Amateur Blogger

Just like the yoga, being able to make my own blog was a dream came true. I became inspired after visiting countless of blogs over the years until one day, I told myself to have one. I really wanted to make an online diary where I could put everything under the sun. So this day, May 3, I made it happened. It was so great for the Mother’s day was fast approaching and so with my nephew’s birthday.


  1. The Mother’s Day

Hehe the third and finally the last of getaway- the Malagos Resort. It was my first time to be there. It was actually located at Calinan, Davao and its almost one-hour ride was made special by its beautiful sceneries and harmonious place. Just that plus a greeting for my mama through the blog made it special. My parents were in India as of the moment.


  1. I called it Plan-nation!

Well, summer wasn’t just about free time, getaways and all that stuffs. Didn’t I forget that for this year, I applied two tutorial centers? Well, I really had this dream of becoming a tutr, so as to fully enhance my skills, meet new people and to make more money, of course. I was rejected by the first but I made it through for the second. Hehe hopefully, I would have my schedules that would fit for the opportunity. Fingers crossed!


  1. Tons of TV Series and Movie-thons

To compensate with my lazy days, I had these couple of movies and series which I copied from my co-workers. I finally loved it, after finishing more than ten movies and two TV series. You guessed it- they were the “My Love from the Star” and “The Heirs”. I definitely love the first one and couldn’t get enough of it. The characters were excellent at their fields. The latter, however, can be compared to the BOF thing.

These were my top 10 things, what’s yours?


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