Welcome to Club 20

Olah Monday!!

Oh, I was actually feeling a bit low today! I had this runny nose which happened to celebrate along with my birthday yesterday, sunburn and aching body (and mind- for thesis) hahah. But did I just turned 20?


As years gone by, celebrating birthdays was something out-of-fashion thing.  Maybe because I wasn’t really used to celebrate it the way it was celebrated yesterday. I had to say goodbye to teeny years and embraced my 20’s. As they said, you had your life at peak when you’re in 20’s and I wanna make the most out of it!


with the rest of the Gang

10334472_10202346235718822_5136708474946238836_n 1601404_10202346234518792_3451934331868899026_n 10389421_10202346226518592_3798396493377653803_n

I started my day with Visita Iglesia, looked for some special cake and to top it all- it’s to finally hit the beach.



with Baby Franco


It was unusually prepared. I missed it since i wasn’t able to celebrate with atleast a member from my family last year. The last time I did it was when I turned 18!

Just like any other 20’s something there, I had bigger plans ahead of me. They said that I was a dreamer, but up to this point, I no longer want to be just  a mere-dreamer. Rather, I would want things to turn into reality. I felt like I only had one year left to be finally independent. But I wanted o do it in my own terms.



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