Too Early to Give Up

Not too long ago when I decided to turn things into reality. Obviously, it’s really quite tiring to wait for things to happen. I ain’t getting any younger. All the experiences I have make me realize that the only thing you can do is to move forward. So lemme think, “Why make this things happen instead?”

Fast forward to this day, I already have inquired as much information I can get. I’ve been doing a lot of things recently. But in between, my mind and heart desires for more. I’ve been applying into this and that,  search about this, look for that and all other sorts and sources I can get out of the internet. But the thing is, when you turn your dreams into reality, you got to have to face the fears behind it. I know it well from the very beginning. Aside from countless rejections you might end up to, you will be facing unfavorable conditions, hardships, crucial processes and the worst, money problem.

But I only have the dream, determination and faith to move further. I might be pretty idealistic and my adrenaline comes rushing all over but I know I can fight it. Talking about how? I know it too. My life was full of frustrations, dreams that never happen, all the ups and down that no one can ever imagine what I’ve gone through. But I allow myself to live with that kind of life. Now I’m used to it.

Plus, knowing that you have the most trusted people behind your back. This will go anywhere. It’ll not stop here. Or else, I’ll end up regretting once again, for million of times of not pursuing the things I needed and wanted to have. So why stop? Now that you already have clearer outlook in life? Now that you can clearly see who you will become in the next couple of years?

I believe in everything they said right from the very beginning. I can only imagine how I smiled endlessly after getting all their affirmations. That drives me to go even further. So lemme see the world, just the way I wanted to see and live with it. And when things aren’t going to your way, pause a bit and never leave the battle without a fight.



2 thoughts on “Too Early to Give Up

  1. believe yourself that you can do it! fight for what you want and have faith and pray for it too….if its yours its yours and no matter how hard it is u will get there and you know that we are always here…i am always an inbox away..Just to let you know I am proud of you from the first day i hold you and nothing change and until i am more prouder of you! so go ….reach your goal! we’re here right behind you…dont be afraid!

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