Messy Hair

First things first, I’d like to extend an apology for venting things out here. I’m pretty overloaded within these past few days. But today, I’d like to share the other side of me being gurky (my term for being goofy, nerdy and geeky) 😀 :D. Don’t mind browsing the dictionary or net for that.

With the uber-loaded schedules that includes my work left and right (never mind the exam, I’ll pretend not to know that thing this term! haha).  And to top of that is our-burden-continues-with-thesis syndrome. That’s quite a lot. So to lessen and unwind, I’d switch myself to these things:

1. Early sleep (as early as 7 pm) to re-energize;

2. Watching movies as if there’s no tomorrow;

3. Yoga or casual work-out to end up being sweaty 30 minutes later;

4. Get myself into Social media sites;

5. And lastly, be a “vain-me” 😀 😀 😀


sun glasses and curls


flippin’ hair

with an up-do

with an up-do


smile loves

So there you go, hahah. I did these shots some few weeks ago with a web cam (unfortunately, my cam isn’t working as of this time) . And I really find it funny with my hair gone messy. It’s wild, free spirited and very different from my day-to-day ponytail. Aside from that, I did some little preparation with a simple make-up and a pinky lipsy. Thanks to PhotoGrid anyway, I can have them all in just one frame. Hehe

So Have a good vibes everyone ❤


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