Flowers and Blues

Few days ago, I posted some enjoying moments during the annual Kadayawan Festival here in Davao. Well, events like these are the best excuse to wear up something different, playful and chic-styled outfits aside from day-to-day OOTD. 🙂

Speaking of playful and chicky, I had this outfit to pair up with the event. Here’s more of the shots we did when we visited the famous Crocodile Park and the Butterfly House.


Goofiness with the animals


Wanderin’  around Butterfly House

IMG_20140820_093552 IMG_20140820_093500 IMG_20140820_093406 IMG_20140820_093806


With the above, I decided to have to have this printed jumpsuit with flower and blue accent which I got from my sister. It’s all comfortable and yes, it has a pretty sexy back right there (ohh, forgive me for not securing a shot for this). I paired a golden flat sandals to make it a perfect-comfy getaway. I was really having fun to have this over-all outfit for this perfect event.


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