Life Moves Nowhere Else but Forward

Six words.

I’ve only got these words to get my system back into blogging. The system which almost shutdown because of everything that has given to me. However, I fell blessed because all of them are worth struggling for.

Back in the days when I still have plenty of time to be idle, now it’s gone. I’ve put myself in a situation where it really tests your limits. I actually always do. Not that I’m complaining. I’m certainly not. Either way, I will be too hypocrite to say that I’m loving this life because when you feel the exhaustion from both your outer and inner core, you will probably be thinking the other way.

But the other side tells me the different part of the story. In which, by any chance, makes me ask this question-  “How will I ever see myself if I haven’t gone all through these?”

It struck me down to my nerves and go all through the same things again. Then there, I found a lot of answers. Just as the daily session with my Psychotherapy class teaches us to self-talk, I will one day be able to surpass these.

Now, I would say “Michaela, you feel very exhausted and burnt out because of everything you do, but your faith, will and determination will keep you going. Life indeed, moves nowhere else but forward”.


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