True Happiness Starts when it Ends

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This is THESIS


Oh probably this one is the happiest moment for a graduating student like me- the Final Defense time. 😀 😀 After all the mind-blowing routines, this has finally come to an end.

I could no longer imagine how we did that. We’ve been rejected few times until we finally come up with a better thesis. i’m so thankful to have with me my co-group mates. So cruel yet, it’ll test you ’till the end. How we spend sleepless night really became a habit to us. No more of this and that. Hey! I got the word: SACRIFICE.

It’s been months now since we started doing it. But what made me feel so accomplished was the fact that I went through all these life stressing events without compensating any other things. To mention a few, I’ve got tutorial sessions, preparation for the ISFAC which lasted last September 13 and almost a quarter-of-a-day being a Student Assistant. Behind all of these things, never will I ever forget myself being a student. But with thesis, it demands a lot of time, made you feel deprived to do things you wanna do. All that other stuff. But when it’s done, you’ll gonna miss thinking of it. You’ll miss waking up until three in the morning without having to worry about your 7 am schedule. That kind of feeling when your mind that felt like it’s gonna blow up and your body’s complaining. Sometimes I felt like my body’s gonna hang up and tell me to take one step at a time. It made me felt like my adrenaline came rushing. So exciting.

But now, let me bid you goodbye. We’ll be fighting for you this one last chance. and lemme redefine the T.H.E.S.I.S as opposed to the aforementioned meaning. True happiness didn’t end since it started, it started when it ended.


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