Testing Waters

Have you ever thought of getting into one situation for the first time? Yet, you are certainly unsure of what’s going to happen or how it might turned out to be in the end?

Once, a new opportunity came along the way and she was determined enough to get it through her own. One step, two step, thee step- every step was significant enough to make her an inch closer towards her dream. However, in every step was a difficult one to surpass. But with her courage behind, she had almost accomplished everything. It was, perhaps a little bit delayed, but worked accordingly to what was planned. Know it, work it and get it. That was supposed to be the motto.

Days passed and their she was. Ready to get what she worked hard for. Fortunately, the day started out to be so good. Getting her ass off early in the morning to start. Or maybe waiting patiently with others (at least two closest strangers among 150 applicant) for a half way too long! She wouldn’t mind it. Her mind was already set to get it. And once it’s already in her hands, she wouldn’t let go of it. It was meant for her and hers alone, she would come out as victorious maiden.

But life always had have ways of disappointing her. And worst, it often worked the way she had not prepared herself enough to accept the hidden consequences. It was all like playing a game with no anticipation at all. There was no what-ifs. It was, by due respect, a straightforward decision/s.

So as the moment came, a big cry-out happened. It was this careless mistake which dated December 19, 1995 that thought to be the cause of the chaos. She was, after all, a MALE. No one expected (neither she). She burst into tears, left her comrades as well as the place when all these things happened immediately. Little by little, she walked with her tears kept falling, wandering the other possibilities that might happened. She then reached the school with a swollen eyes, keeping away from the students to prevent further commotion.

While it was true that during this moment, she was already racing against time. But what made her knees so weak was the fact that she’s gonna get through a lot of processes again. It was so cruel, so she said. But that’s what you would expect when you test the water. It might end up going according to your way, or else, do the reverse motion and stood against you. Either way, both experiences were a-worth-to-keep. But it’s far more worthy if you could fight for it. And yes, she wouldn’t want it any other way.


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