I’ve always been feeling this way. Months. Weeks. Days. But still, I’m feeling very low, as if some kind of bipolarism attacked me and devoured my entire system. It’s not getting right anymore.

I’ve always been so keen about my self. Of course, that’s how I should act, think and behave from the moment I chose this field of expertise. Psychology requires us to have self-awareness, self-regulation and any stuffy things about SELF. And I thought it was that chicken simple. Hell? It was not!

And you’re asking me why?

How was that simple to expand your mind and your heart the widest possible just to cater everyone including yourself? God, I must admit, this thing became harder. I knew by this time, I must have some difficulty due to this life transition.

Life transition? Yes, It’s been pretty hard. I’ve been somehow reluctant to change. It’s tiring! Most specially if it involves development, learning. Even your positivity would sometimes decline, you became exhausted with no reason and just collapsed.

It’s pretty tiring down here. I need some kind of motivation and drive. It was something that I lost in my entire system. I need it so badly.


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