Marching in March

Hooray for me! I’m back to the blogging world after a long hiatus.

Just in case you didn’t know, I’m currently on my last year of my undergraduate degree of Psychology. So, am I going to graduate? I’m proud to say this in three letters: YES 😀 😀 😀

After spending so much time in editing, financing and chasing for the right experts, we finally made it to a book. 😀 😀 :d I really can’t stop laughing right now. God knows the struggles, the high’s and low’s, testing one’s character- all other things we’ve been through just to have this one to be bound and passed the soonest possible. What else to say? I’m just too happy and satisfied with our thesis entitled (the third and final title so far) Interpersonal Conflict Resolution: The Level of Satisfaction among Adolescent Student in Using Non- Face to Face Communication.

Our study is brought by the idea of venting out one’s disappointments, anger and other sort of emotions that lead to conflict with the people around them through the use of non-face to face communication like social media, mobile texting and okay! You name it. These people might be their parents, siblings, friend or significant others. What we are trying to see at first is the effect of these conflicts to the social interaction of the teens. We’re like askin’ “Why the heck wouldn’t you see me personally rather than posting it on FB where anyone can see?” Relate much?

So that’s how our burden starts. The first proposal? Rejected. Oh how it hurts to be rejected not once but twice until we decided to see our adviser. Finally, we got some kind of help. Advisers shall never be underestimated because through them, working things out will be as smooth sailing. But not until after the outline defense. Things become confusing as we are interrogated by how are we gonna conduct our study. Fortunately, the last decision lies in our hands. It’s a good thing though that our adviser let us do what we want. We follow our heart that calls for quali-quanti study, descriptive, significant difference and correlational.

There comes the next step- meeting 400 participants and the result yielded a quite significant. However, things go wrong during our final defense. There are advises to do some changes- which ultimately change the whole process. Argggh. What I felt that day is beyond imaginable. Still, we keep on going, follow everything like a puppet ‘coz what in our minds, “we gotta put this to the end”. Mind over matter and we finally won. We passed! 😀 😀 ❤


Bounded and Piled


Here comes the Boom! Waiting for the sign of Glory


Passed. Passed. Passed.

And of course, the researchers behind the success.


Hi! I am me proudly presenting our output. The most dramatic and tantrum-thrown gal. Hahah


Here’s John Russell Morales, my co-thesis mate and ever coolest guy around.


And this Sarahlee Saludo, the ever-meticulous buddy. Want some edit, she’s really good at it.

IMG_20141023_084921 IMG_20141023_084949  IMG_20141023_085334

IMG_20141023_085910 IMG_20141023_085922

Kuddos to everyone. We surpassed one of the most challenging stage in our college life. OJT is on the way.

To God be the Gory.


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