Reunited At Last

Celebration in Philippines are not only meant for celebration alone. Sometimes, it paves the way of the long lost friendship, rekindling some kind of affair and all other holding-relationship thing. I might have this strong-individualistic spirit, but life would not be as wonderful without spending time with peers. I’m glad that up to now, memories seem to live once more.

Yes, we are friends but the good thing is that, we don’t let each other interrupt our own personal business. We do each other thing. Yet, we still manage to look like we’re doing it more often and missed each others’ stories. You guessed it! We’re not talking about freakin’-controlling belles. And the fact that our relationship did start from a fight way back 2004 when we were still in Grade 4, there’s so much to tell about them.

So, lemme introduce you to….


That’s Jessa, wearin’ blue and Karen on her yellow top. Crazy, ait?

So because this is some kind of celebration, we opt to take photos with my niece, (yes, you heard it). Except for Karen, of course.


Groufie with some foody


Hab-hab, Lechon’s almost gone. Hahah


Smile. Smile . Smile


Makin’ some nguso face. Haha can’t believe I’m with them

Of course, the night would not be complete without sharing and talking. Hahah Yes, the one that has a lot to talk about is Karen. Jessa seems to be quite… hmmmm talkative and humurous. That’s a big improvement, though.


Later that night, Jessa went out first then we continue talking. It’s probably he best way to get through a lot of time that we’re not together. Hahah

How ’bout yow? Some friendship-related stories to tell?


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