A Place Called Home

It’s always been a high light for someone like me to have time to go back home. Of course, I’m currently studying hundred miles apart and it’s all a bit low. Though, part time jobs would at least help me get through homesickness.

Luckily, I was allowed to take a break and be with my parents for he celebration of Mama’a birthday as well as the house blessing. I guess I mentioned it in my previous post, ait?

Going back means having the anticipation to see the big renovation in our home. It’s not that much, I know. It can only be an ordinary house but for us, it’s rightfully done. The place home-y and I’m loving it and the people here- my parents. Nothing has changed. The ambiance and the treatment they have with our neighbors. Everyone’s welcome!

Speaking of welcome, I’d like you to enter our humble place. 😀 😀 😀


The outside view


Come on in 🙂


The center piece


Then comes the dining and kitchen area. A bit-bit-bit space ❤IMG_20141101_070831IMG_1098

The places to rest ❤


Trivia: that mirror is older than me. Antique eh ❤

This is the hall to the dirty kitchen and bedrooms. As you can see, those two doors you can see in the left and the right side are for the bedrooms.



For Ate Queyl but Papa’s been occupying this room for now.


The master’s bedroom. Pardon for the mess Hehe


My favorite improvement, shower area. 😀 😀 Especially they have installed some anti-cold machine. Someone whose afraid of the cold would love this ❤


Loving this green-white tiles.

And of course, the stairs will never be gone, except for now, it’s a bit upgraded. 😀 😀 The rooms above, which are not yet done as of the moment, belong to me, our eldest and unico ijo.


So how’s your tour? Heheh seeing these photos made me remember the house we used to live in before. Whenever our neighbors have this kind of design made, i made me think as if they are already rich. The nature must be different. Fortunately, this place is not a such. It’s the place I know my parents will be spending their last days, a place for reunion and place called HOME.


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