Great Finds for Pre-Loved Items

Our home is really a one-stop-shop place for me. It’s the place like an eat-all-you-can resto, an unlimited place to rest like inns and of course, the place where you can get-all-you-want shopping center. Hahah I find it great to see varieties of clothes and shoes my sister used to deliver here. Luckily, my Mama has me reserved in every “padala”.

Here’s a peek. Hope you enjoy it. First up are my favorites- shoes, sandals and the like ❤ ❤ ❤

IMG_20141030_152205 IMG_20141030_152233 IMG_20141030_152250 IMG_20141030_152327 IMG_20141030_152436 IMG_20141030_152504

Second in the row are these bags, from toties to pouch Victoria’s Secret. Oh my! I’m loving them. 😀 😀 😀

IMG_20141030_152631 IMG_20141030_152703IMG_20141030_152744

And of course, great finds include some of shirts, dresses that can be surely worn in different pattern. Depending on my mood, of course. 🙂IMG_20141030_153203 IMG_20141030_153354IMG_20141030_153502IMG_20141030_153227

You see? They’re pre-loved, I know. But the fact that these came from my sister made me feel like I’m with her whenever I wear these pieces. I actually wore some of those during my stay in our home. The first two pictures below was when I met my high school friend, Genevieve. I’m pretty much glad that she never went back to the convent and decided to be a catechist. Also, I wore this big shirt paired with a personalized skirt. To tell you, that’s actually a dress but I decided to hide the top part, the ones that will cover your chest and below. I had also wore the white belt and sandal. ❤IMG_20141101_051309 IMG_20141101_052913

Finally, I find this cute-y white pants (thanks to its belt-like waist design) especially when paired with this uber-sized Hello-Kitty footwear. And at he left side was this formal-long-sleeved paired with leggings. It’s actually a perfect pair for a rainy day to visit the loved ones who departed to heaven. IMG_20141101_071647 .IMG_20141102_095533


And there it is. Pre-loved items are the ones I longed for. Not only because they can make me save a lot of money, but also made me think of hundred ways to make them look brand-new.

So how ;bout youm do you find pre-loved items as great finds?


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