A Bit Boring

Have you been so bored lately that the only thing you can pull off is to lay down to your bed the WHOOOLe day? Gush!! I didn’t see this one coming last week.

For someone like me, the normal or shall I say the most normal thing to do in the morning is to wake up early, get ready and kick your ass off to work. Then when afternoon comes, you have to grab yourself a “brunch” then be ready for a class. Before the sun sets, you have to find yourself teaching in front of those kiddos right there. Finally, you went home. But damn, now that I left m,y STA duties, I felt like the whole thing went wrong all of the sudden. Should I say my body just went on being productive to UNproductive? GRR 😦 I really hate being I-D-L-E.

Just before I left my place, I promised to be active again. I promised myself to get a new job in which I unfortunately did not make. Yes, I’ve had here my resume, application letter but my laziness is really dragging me this far. It’s not normal. Plus the fact that I’m done with all the requirements. I wish they will have me deploy the soonest.

Yes, it;s been a bit, too much boring. But I have to think as if my body is getting ready to what will happen next. And yes, I’m glad I’m i9n 2nd graders now. No more Long test reviewers anymore. Hahah Let’s celebrate for being demoted? Hahah

A bit boring- that’s what I got now. But sooner, I’ll have myself back into business and real world once more. A bit boring No MORE..


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