Yes, I will or will I?


I’m finally back with blogging mode this time. Thank God!

Definitely, I need a little time to punch back the days I’ve been gone. You see, we had our Pinning Ceremony last week, my Mama visited us all the way from our hometown Bukidnon, which was recently attacked and now, we had been doing our intern duties. We had some additional family Baby boy Jolo, another experience from my Red Cross Youth Family and finally, getting obsessed with books. 😀 Plus, not to mention my tutorial sessions which was a lil bit crazy this time. Not that I’m going to complain. Not ever. 😀 😀 Don’t worry, details will be updated the moment I went back home safely maybe this weekend. 🙂 🙂

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So as for this time, all I wanna talk about is the foiling between bloods. You know the feeling when you’re almost in between in everything you do. You listen. You comprehend. But for as long as you can take it, it seems that every little thing you do becomes useless. Not unless, you take side.

I’m good at ignoring things. It’s actually my way of surviving this life or maybe my way of surpassing the life I will have in the future. I always said to myself, “Sooner, you’re gonna meet worst people- undignified, wasted and thrown-up. But your job is to put them back together. You have to learn to endure if you want to survive your career in Psychology”.

Then shaky things things happen until I read at someone’s account with all the humiliation, anger, envy.  Great people for me were involved. I hoped I had this protective instinct just like parents do to their child. Once again, I find myself storing wasted information to prevent them from leaking. Instead, I decided to damp out the important ones to let everybody know what’s worth knowing for. It’s sickening me. It made me hope for a patient with no blood relation. And if I ever try to think this way, how will I stand the profession I’ve longed for?

Question is, I will or will I?


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