We Know Who is Really Who

Warning: This post is a bit sentimental.

Sometimes I wonder how would a person be able to store much of an anger, hatred and negative feelings. Also, how would someone be able to endure it all without fighting back and staying to be the coolest man there has ever been. I really wonder.

As this past weeks prior to my previous post, a lot of things had come to its peak. It had been very disturbing considering that I found myself to be in the closest proximity to the people involved. As for confidentiality, I want to keep things short without disclosing everything because scenes like these were not meant to publicized.  It all started with my Mama’s countless of concerns she had to share to one else but me. I decided to listen, listen and listen until it finally burst out. I told her to hear as if she were listening and let them past through her ears. What happened in Davao must stay here. I expected everything to end as my mama left for home.

Guess, I was wrong.

Days later, I found myself hearing the same concerns my Mama used to share with me. This time, they all came from our close relatives. Sure, it’ll be a talk of the town again. I was so sure about that especially when the person concerned blatantly narrated everything using social media site. As if I’d never get affected, I decided to read piece by piece.

I was expecting this, however. But this time, I was disturbed because someone’s hitting below the belt. And they’d been hit too low. They (folks) had done everything to give help in every possible way. Supported all the way despite of saying “They’re old enough to know everything”. I could see that before she left and the plans they made to rescue someone out of misery, to help put life back together and start all over again. T’was all for good. Someone must had been aware that they didn’t deserve such improper and humiliating recognition. To say they were just looking after money, WTF!

And then to someone who endured it all, you must not feel this way. You’re way too far to get involved to this. But to be named such “foul words”, it’s way too deep. You were just laughing earlier, but I always knew it did hit you. Someone caused you tears as someone did to you some years ago. It’s painful to see you in situation like this. Of course I knew you could always handle. But to fight a battle that’s not worth fighting for? Or get yourself humiliated when you didn’t deserve anything like that at all? It’s just deepening the wound, the one which was never healed. And I wonder if it would be able to heal anyway.

But as always, you knew whose got your back. Someone might try to do anything, but a good heart would always be in the possession to a person like you- someone who never get tired of being selfless. It had already been written in the history of everyone you were able to extend a hand. Stories might be told in different versions many years from now, but for us, we always know who is the real who.




Yours truly ❤


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