For Sale: Followers, Likes, Views and Comments

440Morning madness!! Hehehe

Say, I’m not the only person living on earth who use to check accounts like IG and FB first thing in the morning. See if there’s anyone – strangers or not who happen to stumble through my page, follow and like my photos which don’t usually involve much of my faces. I’m definitely a non-selfie-queen type. 😀 :D. Nevertheless, you can’t deny that there’s a “green-little-thing” that pops up your mind everytime you see posts that’s worth a hundred likes, thousands and even millions for some. Wishing that you could have something like that- a bunch of followers.

Opposite to what I once believed in before- quality over quantity. A lot of people have become narcissists that they seem to be trying so hard to get every attention they need using social media. It’s annoying especially if those come from spam accounts. But as soon as I started my endeavor as personal blogger, I realized that numbers mean something. I can’t even deny that there’s a little satisfaction once I see some people hitting the buttons such us “like” and “follow” for both my blog and IG account. For me, it’s like a guarantee that you must have done something great- may it be to your pictures or the way you write on your post. A quality that’s worth a glimpse of anyone out there to stop by and read.

Then, never would I ever imagine that there’s an existing “cheating strategy”. As I surf the net, I read some of the articles about literally “buying” the followers. The picture I posted above is just a proof from this site. It is as said, these websites have “zombie” accounts that don’t exist. That’s it, they’d follow you but you won’t expect any comments or even likes from them as these accounts or the pictures use are chosen randomly over the net.Some sites will offer you a “Likes for Sale” service or even buying “views” and “comments”. A big business hah?

It must have been a big deal for someone so famous. I learned that some big names whom I don’t need to mention lost thousands and millions of followers overnight. Losing that number lead them to lose some money in a long run as the numbers of followers will dictate the price for deals. Aside from money, it’s really embarrassing. If you are followed by almost four-million people, and 99% of them are fake, you’re surely as good as fake.

It’s been a really crazy world out there. It’s a business after all. Now, Instagram has made a good move, irradiating what’s worthless! (May pinaghuhugutan eh 😀 😀 :D) I just hope bigger social networking sites will follow the lead.


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