Celebrating Christmas in a Filipino Way

Tis’ the season to be jolly. Lalala lala Lalalala

For the longest, most-celebrated event of the year- lemme great everybody a Merry Christmas!! Wohoho I can’t keep myself thinking what to write when there’s a lot about this celebration to brag about- from tradition down to the food serve on the table, they’re all worth a post. After all, it’s Philippines baby!

For a jump start, Christmas Season or rather than called as the Advent (credits to my tutoring life) is our way of preparing ourselves for the coming of Jesus. Yes, it’s been the longest celebration for us Filipinos. The moment the calendar flips out to -ber months, it’s already Christmas. That’s it! Along with the chilly temperature comes the plannings, preparations and singing of carols have actually started some four months ago, September. As to why I love this season, I’m actually counting on to these five reasons.

Photo Credit: sibox.isgoodness.com

Church with full of Christmas lightnings and decorations.

  1. Simbang Gabi

What is Christmas without this devotional nine-day dawn or night mass which started on December 16th to Christmas Eve. The Roman Catholic Filipinos have been practicing this since the Spanish took this country many years ago. So aside from being called Simbang Gabi, it is rather than referred to as “Misa de Gallo”. I myself is guilty enough not to attend this mass yet.

Photo Credit: http://mudgegirl.blogspot.com

Filipino desserts for church-goers

  1. Filipino Delicacies

Of course, Misa de Gallo will not be complete without its church-goers filling up their stomachs with these delicious delicacies. The ever present puto pumbong, puto, kutsinta, bibingka are just some of them. Yom yom yom. πŸ˜€

Photo Credit: wowbatangas.com  Photo Credit: panoramio.com

  1. Christmas Parols and Lightnings

To be merrier, a celebration needs something to catch the eye. So there goes the decorations especially the parols (lanterns) that are famous in every Filipino home. Somehow because the upper class may be able to provide Christmas trees and a lot of decorations, but for the ordinary ones, just a light up from the parks, establishments and a little parol inside the house mean anything to them. ❀

Photo Credit: http://www.fundacionbelen2000.cl

It’s the Christmas Belen.

  1. Christmas Belen

In every church, Christmas Belen should never be missed. It’s not just merely a decoration, but a presentation of humility that our God has shown upon us- by the image of Mother Mary giving birth to Jesus in the manger, with St. Joseph and the three kings who offered their gifts to young Emmanuel.

  1. It’s simple: I’m Home

It is by now that you’ll realize I did not put anything material aside from decorations that I’ve chosen. I was raised that way, molded in a belief that Christmas is the season of love, hope, of giving and of forgiving. It might be a little difficult for our family but time has the power to heal everything. Nevertheless, I was born to expect nothing but love, unity and of understanding on Christmas. It is, perhaps, my way of celebrating Christmas in Filipino way. ❀ ❀ ❀


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