Great Heroes


Tis’ the season of love.

You may actually be wondering about the pictures above. They are way too far to what I am really supposed to write at this very moment. Shall I say, credit this to an “unexpected event”?. 🙂 However, I bet you’re not having a very hard time guessing where is this heading to.

Yesterday (12/25). Life’s “hard transitions”. There are changes- a battle of words, beliefs and of blood. One against the other. Tightening the grip until it loosens. A time for everybody to stop the battle that’s not worth fighting for. To live the life the way it should be lived- independently and happily. And the best part? To plan about what’s next to come and then move forward. Whether it’s fear or courage that drive us into these things, one thing is for sure- when things become unbearable, it’s easy as a “chicken” to lay our ass off and turn away. We are probably en route to this when we think more of a person still trying to learn. But for parents who have already suffered countless of rejections, sufferings and sacrifices that are far beyond our comprehension, that is not a thing. I’ve see them right before my eyes but this time, it’s way too painful.

Today (12/26). I’ve seen them packing their things in a hurry at the middle of the night. That “call” made them do it. The next few hours, they’ll be aboard in a bus, traveling almost 8 hours towards the next big city. Wondering why?

They are in a mission of becoming great heroes, or at least to one of their children. Probably, it’s for the rest of us if one failed to recognize the efforts, the hustle, time and money to get them back here- safe and sound. Perhaps, heroes to be called after successfully forgetting what has been done to them. Even if it’s at its peak of demoralizing them by their own kin. After making it few times (and maybe more), they are still here to willingly accept that person all for the sake of being a family, a person and a woman worth of respect and of dignity. Moreover, it’s more of a hero-like for them to face further risks. Without a thought, they got all caught up in a role of being parents- to accept, to forgive, to love. Parents who are able to lend a hand anytime and anywhere without asking anything in return except for a fact- What is done is done, there’s no turning back.

We always seem to ignore few things that matter and look for something that does not even exist. They are our parents, our great heroes. ❤

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