Holy Dizzy Holiday

Finally, I’ve got my nerve back posting about holidays. Bit a late eh? 😀 😀 😀

So this will just be a short-and-simple post of mine chronicling the Thing I did on Christ’s birth. ❤

First up, celebration will never be complete without these goodies.

IMG_20141224_110056 IMG_20141224_110430 IMG_20141224_114434 IMG_20141224_114448 IMG_20141224_193726 IMG_20141224_193735 IMG_20141224_193748 IMG_20141224_193756 IMG_20141224_193806

Then, after filling our stomach, here comes my sisters from all over the world. Hahah Just kidding, My Ate Joy from Florida and Ate Queyl from India.
10628358_875977535779079_564846584724083693_nFinally, celebration will never be so good without house visitations. This time, I actually went to five houses before getting knocked down by an alcohol. Don’t worry, I’m at home when that happened. 😀 😀 😀

IMG_20141225_115917 That’s my Holy Dizzy Holiday. ❤


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