Throwback 2014

May it be some freakin’ “first-ever moments”, “swap-back-to-reality” scenes or “just-another-wonderful/horrible-experiences”, 2014 is undoubtedly another worth-to-keep year in everyone’s life. That includes myself, of course. This lead me into digging up some of my greatest happiness and sorrows, of longing and starting up something new. I don’t know either how long the list will be, let’s just see.

  1. The 26th Annual Convention of The Psychological Association of the Philippines-Junior Affiliates (PAPJA)

021Well, this one goes to “first-ever moments”. First-time to fly, be lost and slept in the airport with no else but me. Haha

  1. Psychological Night 2014

IMG_8811588894188So far, the gods and goddesses had landed during this night.

  1. Third Year Psychies OverNight-out.

121This one’s special. Especially when you had no chance of getting to be with your classmates for the past year. ❤

  1. Bugo Clan’s First Anniversary

983654_636239516453772_2838475030122286444_nOur craziness in the office made up into dubbing ourselves “bugo” or dull or just simply being stupid at times. Hahah And I highly recommend for adventure-seeking fellas out there to have Canibad at Samal Garden Island up to your list.

  1. Blogger/Yoga

Yes, It’s one of my to-do list for this year. Luckily, as of May 3, 2014, I’m officially a personal blogger which shared different topics and had so far written more than 30 posts. Great indeed. Plus up to my list was doing meditation that lasted for 2 months. Not bad though.

  1. Tutor

Another To-do List accomplished for this year. I was able to find a part-time job to spare my time with since I’ll be resigning my 2-year STA duties when the semester ended. Mind you, this one’ a bit-tough and rewarding at he same time.

  1. My Twentieth Birthday


Credits to My sister Marion for treating me this year. Gush, I couldn’t believe I’m in twenties right now. Seems to be to old but a life to be lived with little regrets is a life worth living.

  1. Psycho-Social Support with UM PSYSOC students

10171879_553834851397938_6940809869903653419_nThis one proved that an psychological intervention was very essential into facing crisis. Like this one, a more than 2-hour spent with these fire victims lifted their spirit- a fact that’s wort to keep as Psychology student.

  1. Inter-School First Aid Competition 2014

IMG_12447033690484For a senior member and was once a president for this organization, seeing it growing up too fast with dedicated members was more than satisfying. Here, though we lost but the spirits of every member went at its peak.

  1. This is Thesis

IMG_20141023_085008It’s always been a highlight for every graduating student to pass this stage. Such a rewarding experience.

  1. The Reunion/60th Birthday and House Blessing

Complete FamilyIMG_20141029_012950

One of my favorite moments, a triple celebration.

  1. Celebrating Christmas all Around the World.

10628358_875977535779079_564846584724083693_nDistance was never a problem for someone who had sisters around the world. Char. Hahah Though the night was solemnly celebrated, our goofiness somehow uplifted the evening. Thanks to these crazy sisters here.

So there goes my favorite moments of the year. What’s yours?


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