20 years with My Father


Our goofy Family picture way back 2010. First Family Photo during Bohol-Cebu Vacation.

Happiest Birthday to two wonderful people in my life- my father dear Jaime and Nephew.

I’ve got so many stories to tell in behalf of my nephew and my Father’s birthday celebrations today. But this one has a lot to say about the latter, his sacrifices and all. So lemme tell you this by doing timeline.

For as far as I could remember, the first few years of my life was about being his total-buddy. I used to ride with him in his big truck and traveling to places. I could even remember the stories my mother used to tell me about him- good or bad, it didn’t really matter at all.

At around 7-12 years old, I often tailed my father going to different fiestas, reunions and all that gathering stuffs. Guess, for what? For foods and meeting of kinships. Not that I only became his partner, but I used to give him massage, threw him jokes and sometimes, a travel buddy. I remembered him being proud as he went to the stage to put me on my medals. However, in every story, there were always be dark sides. I was once frightened to death and never wished for him to get entangled with my Mother’s side for reasons that now belonged in the past. But God had showered him the courage to make an apology for the last time. It was a heartwarming goodbye for two people whose past relationship was stained by mistakes humans usually did.

At around 13-16, I remembered him hugging me when my sister left for US. I guess it’s his way of easing my emotionally-disturbed situation. At life’s great adversity, his words seemed to be an assurance that whatever will happen, the support will never fade and that, grades really didn’t matter. Him being protected and wouldn’t allow me to be with my classmates at one time. His way of pushing us to limits were far incomprehensible, at least for me. He’d let my brother left to see the reality instead of staying within the comfort zone. Few years past and I saw my brother’s big leap of improvement. Guess, he did the right thing.


My mother’s 60th Birthday!

At 20, I saw him in his great pride for all the outcomes he’d been all working for. You couldn’t see it materially because it’s not where his true treasure lied. The true treasure this man had ever got was his children. They couldn’t even ask any father other than him. And I would’ve guessed that he felt he same way too.

Pads, Happy 62nd Birthday. And to Epoy, Happy 8th Birthday! I love you and we love you both. ❤


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