Thirteen Days

Today is exactly the 13th day of the year. Fast enough that we didn’t notice those days had passed by. It was only thirteen days ago when everyone of us, including me hoped that this year’s gonna be a new beginning of anything that could mean something in the future. I hoped and prayed it was that easy.


Say cheese!

That day, January 1, had left me memories I couldn’t easily forget. The greetings, laughter while enjoying the fireworks were something I’d like to think of as real. Real were those uttered words like “I am sorry”, “Thank you” and “I love you” phrases with combined truthful gestures. And I was not only referring to what was being said. I was hoping that before they expressed those words, they were able to find it in their hearts first. No fakes and pretention. Only the genius one.


Smile as if nothing happened!


And though the year 2014 did not seem to end well, I’d still believed in miracles to happen one day. On that day, each of us will hold on to that memory that makes us as a whole without breakin’. And even if it falls apart, it’s another opportunity that says “Pick it up and start all over again”.


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