Of Births and of Deaths

The fourth of January.

It was the last day of my vacation. Hours passed and I’ll be facing my world which was miles apart from home. But before that, lemme enjoy my stay for a while.

It was my best friend, Karen, whose sister was celebrating her 15th birthday. This person was so dear to me ever since elementary years. And though we were not the typical friends who’d always tailed one another, we complement with each other. Spending time with her would probably the most conversant moment as we could talk to each other for hours without impeding. We talked from the moment I reached their home, to the bus stop and even at the movie station.  Thanks to her Mama, my second mother for inviting me over. Their family was to be considered as ideal- the kind of relationship to one another I wished to be something I had in mine.

It was a lovely day. Though I was late during the mass, the later events did shape my day. I came home, packed my things and bid goodbyes to my folks saying I’d be in Cagayan for birthday and that I’d make my transportation there. It’s peak hours and I needed to be settled down. Then we went eating and watched movie.

10920948_332265770299819_4192777029936936011_n 10897110_332265660299830_4534829737976108324_n

 9499_332265753633154_3366850496450344339_nA typical scene for someone celebrating her natal day. Photo credits to Trisha Angus 🙂

The only one thing that bothered me was the fact that I had my phone needed to be checked since it didn’t function well for days. I didn’t have enough any news as to what happened beyond the premises. I went to purchase another phone and I received the message right after the fun ended.

Never did I imagine that on that very day, a colleague was fighting for his life. He fought against one of the most traitor disease eventhough there was no assurance he could survived. And he didn’t. We lost someone so dear to us. And I lost someone who would never fail to give support whenever our council needed him.  But as much as we mourned over his death, we couldn’t simply take those people so dear to him for granted. After all, after we said, “May you rest in peace Kuya Gil Aaron Monteza”, those people would be left to live. They would be left trying to live everyday as normal human beings. There was no doubt of some psychological change would happen. God bless to them!


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