One Heart. One Goal. One Rescue


A proud volunteer.

They said that being a volunteer is the highest form of humanity. It’s simple- give wholeheartedly and ask nothing in return.


UM-CRCYC Picture



With BFP UM Chapter

However, volunteers are not born, they are made. They’ve been through a lot in order to become one. From recruitment…



Up to physical and mental challenges.284 288 1513758_1131440223539048_398655302338587949_n 10847917_1131429483540122_7244174951130496528_n 10849775_870095796367253_7697491029678147563_n

Photo Credits: (Stace Montano and Rubina Ragonton)


My years in volunteerism may not seem to reach at its peak yet, but I’ve always been so grateful for the given opportunity. Not everyone can do the same.


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