In a period mark by adversities, it always fascinates me how every Filipino tries to recuperate and face another beginning of their lives. It’s phenomenal. You see them mourn and grow. They never cease to live for as long as there will be “support” to which they have drawn their strength. This simple fact reminds me of my recent trip to Manila last January 23-24 for the 28th Annual Convention  for the Psychological Association of the Philippines Junior Affiliates. The whole convention consist of hundred students, faculties, professionals and experts coming from all over the country for this year’s theme: Psychology and Asian Societies in the Midst of Change. Such as changes are invincible, we are taught to be resilient and equip ourselves with new knowledge and skills. An example is the one we have attended, the Psychological First Aid by Madam Bernice Landoy. Through this big gatherings, we are able to grow as an individual in our profession and emerge as a whole.


With Madam Bernice Landoy and colleagues Jade and Genalou

Photo Credit to Jade Barro

Photo Credit to Jade Barro


Photo Credit to Joseph Potot


Photo Credit to Saralee Saludo


Photo Credit to Joseph Potot

These are not just pictures. Rather, these are memories worth to be kept forever. A source of everyone’s emergence of adversity/


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