Nostalgic Vibe

One of our favorite past time during recent trip to Manila was to visit historical places. So we made sure to put places like Intramuros, Rizal Shrine, Luneta Park and Fort Santigo up to our bucket list and find ourselves right in front  of these historical sites after the PAPJA Convention 2015.

The whole place gave us these nostalgic vibe. When you’re right in there, it felt like you’re actually facing a history. And we’re glad to be part of it as we reminisced the place where our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal spent the last days of his life before being executed in 30th day of December 1896.
Here’s our favorite moment. Enjoy ❤082

Right above was the place where former Pres. Quirino was held during Japanese Era.086

Going through this tunnel gave me some chills.104A barricade where some Spaniards got to relax while overlooking the whole Fort Bonifacio. Meanwhile, pictures below were ate the Rizal Shrine.

IMG_20150128_121732 10943660_1241304142559134_3263446339425180181_n 10610872_1243049252384623_8276206076581454016_n And more of them taken around the corner……

1510731_1235232643166284_2655602482978973022_n 10943778_1235230483166500_1723624983925182215_o 10949696_1235231733166375_8647466956435341083_o IMG_20150128_121820

096 100

And the Fort Bonifacio itself…



128 109And finally,I’ve got to pose like these to pray and thanked all of the souls within this place- the souls who were long forgotten but should be remembered because of their heroism.


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