Cold Breeze

Maybe I had some kind of fixation to places with elevated scenes, colds breeze and “promdi” view. Or maybe because I have grown up to places like that. My Bukidnon home was such a replica to the one I have visited recently. Except, it has no baby Volcano on it. But the cold breeze it brings, as well as the view are one of a kind. Let’s check it out!


This picture was taken on our way to Picnic Grove. It was about 30-minute drive from Sky Ranch. Below were the pictures taken from the site itself.

364Riding with this tricycle was a bit challenging though. Hahah Lucky for me, I’ve got to place myself behind the driver so I was able to see the whole view during the entire trip. But see below, the place was worth it despite of it’s under maintenance resort.

10429305_1242204029135812_4282499451471059998_n 10974235_1257066557649559_907437673076879486_o

318 341 345

333But ultimately, our first stop was the Sky Ranch. Below was the picture taken with Mt. Taal as our background.


217 Β  Up with the whole crew. Haha The place was excellent especially when you’re with people you’re not as close as with. It’s hittig two birds with one stone- get to know the place and the people around you.Β  ❀


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