Selfless Team

One thing that I love most about being a psychology intern is the opportunity of being exposed into different environment. The psychology itself is broad enough and each of the settings has different characteristics from one another. The exposure will range from educational, industrial and clinical, the community which will be in a form of community extension and our recently concluded psychometric and counseling.

Our final pictorial with our supervisors from the Guidance Office of DMMA College of Southern Philippines. The people who tested our patience and determination into achieving our goal in staying in their school. Thanks to them, we had the chance to check different types of tests, conducted seminar, helped the students with cases if absenteeism and facilitated examinations to first year students. Experiences that would really helped us in the future. Below were the people behind Team Bonglesh and Team Wheelchair. 😀 😀 😀


Of course, before we left the place, we made sure to take a final pose in places where we stayed to work, gossips, made noises and everything in between- our “mini working place” and the testing area. The very place where we ate, threw green jokes and do the LOL’est things that had ever been done by interns. We also got our “reward” here. Hahaha

IMG_20150212_091318 IMG_20150212_091434 IMG_20150212_090403 IMG_20150212_091543

Now, lemme take you around the place.

IMG_20150212_090031 IMG_20150212_085845 IMG_20150212_090618 IMG_20150212_090528 IMG_20150212_090505

Finally, the very person behind this post. Charaught.

IMG_20150212_090142 IMG_20150212_090313

So far, I would say I learned a lot from them. Not only that I was able to experience how the whole setting worked but the people, especially my co-interns had become selfless. Rendering your time beyond your required time was beyond awesome. Those experiences as well as the people would have special places in my <3.


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