Into Mt. Talomo: My Different Kind of Date

10945552_1307999299222951_685090120272855624_nSo this one belongs to my post- Valentine entry and travel diary as well. 😀 😀 It was funny to think how this journey opened doors to me. I was late for the meeting because I had prior activity but thing was, something had driven me to drop by at the office. T’was really unusual but then as I had arrived, everybody left as expected except for some people. I felt guilty about it knowing that I could have been there earlier if I wanted to. So to divert my attention, we spent the remaining hours talking which eventually led to the invitation of mountain climbing. It was Wednesday evening, two days before the exact date for climbing. Two-day versus one-month of supposed to be the ideal prep for a major climb.

So there’s the reason why I wasn’t able to post right away because I need some time to heal myself  from the result of being first-timer/under-prepared climber. I must have learn from that experience but the good thing is I’ve enough time for my recovery. Plus, regardless of those long lists of painful journey, this was still the most adventurous and most memorable Valentine Day celebration that ever happened to me.February 14, 2015, you’re up to my bucket list of wonderful memories. Let’s start up with what a first-timer wore. Consider that this was my first time to climb, I never had any gears in possession. So I had to be resourceful enough. I just had to make sure my outfit should survive the whole course. 11010579_1311287602227454_2225841801240405985_n 10361450_1308012632554951_7125993980127193603_nAnd I learned to smile after almost two-hour of trekking though the whole journey was harsh enough (for a first-timer) because of what we had been through while going to Sicao Village. Guess what, I was totaaally wrong! 😀 😀 So we had to walk another miles for a total of 3 hours just to reach this creek. We ate our lunch here before reaching the summit within 5 hours. 10409207_1308004852555729_9203977347478772725_nThen anotheeer long journey awaits. As documented by other climbers, it was a rainforest with lots of fallen logs in between trails. We were caught by the rain while walking through, below and under the fallen logs. There were narrowed, steep ways that required you to crawl, slip a bit and hold on while you can. And if I’m gonna be a superhero that day, I’d prefer to be Spiderwoman. Haha.. So tired but the next morning, here’s what we’ve got. 10945552_1307999299222951_685090120272855624_n10896910_1307972699225611_3658345019190611912_n 10997728_1308001505889397_678859587679585507_nOf course, let’s not forget to greet.. ” Happy Valentines Day everyone”1779940_1307357445953803_201136925947320751_nAnd finally, my adapted group. Hahah. If it wasn’t because of them, I wouldn’t be able to get this far, especially for this major climb. I was their visitor, yet they never treated me as an outsider. The same goes with my companion. I couldn’t thank them enough for being too generous and patience especially at times when I was about to give up, for making us comfortable all throughout the journey. I was really touched and I hoped to be with them till next time, next adventure and new exploration. Thank you Sandawa-Apo Mountaineering and Ecology Club people. 10646871_1307220422634172_5409746199369538888_n  With them, I was one step closer to an unforgettable moment in my adventure-filled life. It was the start, I pinky promise.


Photo Credit: Louigi Abellanosa


4 thoughts on “Into Mt. Talomo: My Different Kind of Date

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