Second Chance

Everyone deserves a second chance so they say. But when we encounter someone who has a past, there’s a notion of being hopeless as well as being helpless.

This is one of the few things I learned from my two-week internship at the Rehabilitation Center. Though we still got another week to complete the entire setting. Every day is another learning experience and each sharing is as important as the previous one. There is tension, conflicts but we try to see the beautiful things in it. It is the place of so called “Too Good To Be True” because of it being too idealistic. However, their way is therapeutic to the residence. Their behavior is rather formed due to their structured program, eradicating the deviant ones while replacing with the good ones.

It also amazed me how such individuals who were one lost were able to cope up with the structured program. I couldn’t even imagine how normal people would be able to survive following such routine. But one thing I appreciate so much is that they never failed to do things which were taken for granted for those people leaving in the “outside world”. They make daily affirmations, greeting, taking full responsibility of what has been done wrong and to be accepted fully by the family. Their humility and acceptance are way too amazing.

Then I realized how unfair it is to label them as helpless. We should help them. They need it.


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