Thoughts on Thoughts

Idle days aren’t so bad. And I ain’t talking about my daily life because a graduating student (yes I am!! 😀 :D) is at the fourth phase of her internship! To set this straight, I’m talking about my not-so-active-days-on-the-blog! Each time that passes by reminds me of so many things- from my regrets to the most celebrated days of my college life! So to start up, I just wanna share some of my deepest thoughts.

It was one helluva thing when you introduced yourself into an argument over the phrase “moving on”. It was really an answer-to-me-directly-via-FB-status, though luckily it’s in a most subtle manner and that no one even noticed. Eventually, we both agreed to cool down and settle the said issue. As how I explained it, we’re not the people we looked up today whose relationship got stained because of their own stands about certain issues. We didn’t turn argument over ideas/opinions into personal matters. It’s too childish adding that such event wasn’t even worth the risk to end a relationship. Furthermore, I made it clear that what happened was only a clash of ideas and opinions, not between the people involved. Exchange of words. The End.

However, talking about thoughts, lemme bring you to my famous FB status where it started:

I always believe with the phrase, “People do come and go”.
But they don’t. They leave you with lessons which are PAINFUL and PAINLESS. Nevertheless, life lessons, experiences and memories with them are PRICELESS.”

“Yesterday was about bidding farewell.
Today’s for moving on and tomorrow shall welcome you with another start.
BTW, got my new counselor today (soft-spoken and a man of wisdom) haha”

Then I happened to read something which pushed me to declare…… (finish it! :p)

“I have come to realize how important it is to properly segregate your professional and personal life. While it is true that people leave you with the truest lessons in life, however, you have to bear in mind that taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of them. You can’t give what you don’t have and you can’t take in all the burdens in life, though it depends if you choose to do so. What you can do is to give your best shot and to give what they truly deserve right from the moment you serve them until the moment you have left. Nevertheless, no one has the right to question your intention simply because they choose to move forward and accept the reality of life. Life’s a constant change, a series of saying “hellos” and bidding “goodbyes”.”

Things started to heat up. Just more shot!

“It all goes down to your own preference. Whether or not being rational/emotional or whatever it is for as long as you can serve the person/people the best way possible, it doesn’t matter which one you have chosen. You’re the one whose suppose TO HELP, not TO BE HELPED.”

Finally, I made my conclusion. Again, it’s supposed to be the commencement of all.

Loving diversity,
Expressing in a subtle way.
Things too simple to take, yet I myself love to complicate.”
“Too much elaboration is an exaggeration”
The thing with me is that, the more I talk, the less sense I’d become. So probably the last post pushed us to straighten things up and moved on. To sum up, I’m loving diversity. Even if you said “I’ve been there, done that” thing, or still experiencing it right now up to the future (I’m talking about moving on), all of us will get to go through in that stage.


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