Falls Hunting: Sandawa Falls

As my continuation with my post about Spelunking, this post will entail the things we had on our second day of adventure.

Everybody had a good night sleep (all thanks to few liquor and chilly environment) and woke up almost late in the morning. For me, the whole night was well enough except that I was “visited” that time. So I had to wake up earlier and do some necessary measures before the phrase “total uncomfortable” sink in my mind.

It was already 6 am but the whole place was still covered by fogs. Maybe it was due to some rains we experienced last night that, unfortunately, forbid us to witness the so-called “Lunar Eclipse”. It was fine though, we started talking and everyone became alive one by one.

We ate our breakfast before going to our last destination- the falls hunting. They told me that the trail going to the falls was a bit difficult. Still, it ignited me, making me more determined to reach the place. The whole thing was actually fun. We trekked for about an hour while I was taking notes of some event where we had to go back on our way. There were times when they had to discuss which trail to follow.

11046354_1208284225854647_8980319327984464532_n 11046416_1208284459187957_8381998330137629750_nSoon enough, the original trail was found and the journey became easier.

10169335_1059851087365368_8625164754348115262_nGoing down the falls made me reminisce some of the trails we passed on Mt. Talomo journey. There were steep ascents, one that required you to crawl and walked through fallen logs and tall grasses. But the end of the journey was as rewarding. We finally made it to the small falls (I actually don’t know the name) before going down to Sandawa Falls. According to them,  that falls was rarely visited by other mountaineers as it was discovered by their fore founders.There was a basin-like at its tip and we made a plunged there before proceeding to the main destination. It was really chilling me to the bones. Hahah

10931083_1208286235854446_248684814220124258_n 11059428_1208304015852668_2694026260830659653_nWatching the water flowed magnificently made me forget that I missed one of the caves in the area (White Cave), that I was “visited” and feeling really fatigued, overcoming the fear of swimming and the hours we spent on trekking. That wouldn’t stop me from plunging of course. Haha. Then after sometime, we proceed to the much-coveted falls.

DSC01880 11146296_1059854294031714_6355697794898470845_n 11059439_1208297115853358_8750419952383742125_nHaha I also wouldn’t forget to do fan signing. It was really rewarding, though the falls was a bit dried up due to summer season. Still, I enjoyed myself dipping into chilly, cold and ecstatic water. What a wonderful creation of God above!

There, we ate our lunch and feel the good weather before going back to the trail. We stopped by for the last time at the “small falls” I was talking and dipped myself “again”. My companions went to see the upper part of the Sandawa Falls which can be located just few meters from the “Small Falls”. Of course, we never missed to take a picture with the cliff right beside us.

10372545_1208307255852344_1821216733199156799_nOne couldn’t imagine that the place where I was sitting was actually a part of the Sandawa Falls. That’s how dry it was. And you wouldn’t wish to fall for that more than 100-foot fall or else, nobody would be able to recognize you.

10653470_1208305799185823_7660035727317940748_nGroup picture. Heheh Such wonderful people with amazing journey and a great place.

But as part of the journey, one has only few hours to enjoy the moment that could last a lifetime. As soon as everyone was all set, we went back to the trail, back to where we originally begin.

11130208_1208313142518422_3478333546972923207_nWe begun to trek back to the national highway at 2 pm and we arrived there almost 3 pm. Some of them took bath at the water source located at the side of the highway while I decided to cleanse myself with a towel. We did that while waiting for the rest to arrive. Though the fun was over, but never with the challenge. It took us hours before getting a bus to ride us downtown. It was challenging enough because the whole place turned into cold that we tried many times to get “hitched”. But we failed. At last, after two hours or more of waiting, we did finally catch a bus. I was physically going home, but the fact was, even as of this writing, I was still enchanted by nature or the things I had seen. I begun to think that it was never too late to experience new things. Never too late.

Special thanks to the mountaineers from Sandawa-Apo Mountaineering and Ecology Club (SAMEC): Ace, Zed, Kuya Aries, Kim, Darwin, to Milliscent Quraish Laminero and Joel Jonelas, Jr. for the pictures up above. I really appreciate it guys. Til next then. Hehehe


6 thoughts on “Falls Hunting: Sandawa Falls

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  2. Hi ,lovely pictures and activities.My wife and l just returned from our vacation ,we visited Utah,Wyoming,Idaho and South Dakota.Yellowstone park,the great Teton and Mt.Rushmore. .Regards.


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