Spelunking: Cathedral Cave and Underground Cave

Oh summer has already begun and people are way too busy to post their whereabouts that has something to do with this season. I’ve seen a lot on social media sites where people being burnt under the sun, visiting beautiful places and taking up doze of adventures! Hooooo I obviously feel a lil bit of jelly here! Haha All thanks to our must-finish-500-hour internship and we’re far away from getting our own summer vacation! (And I didn’t sound like I’m ranting or what, just giving an explanation) ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, I wanna share my whereabouts last week. I was given the chance to be with the entire team (again) from the Sandawa-Apo Mountaineering and Ecology Club or SAMEC for a whole new level of adventure: fun climb, trekking, caving and falls hunting. This is my much beloved mountaineering group as they had already accompany me to scale Mt. Talomo (see my post here) last February 14 and not to mention that their members are also active in UM-College Red Cross Youth Council. So much to thank about for this group of people. The said trip was about to be aborted due to some circumstances. It was originally planned a week ahead, however, there was no one who did the organizing and planned the itinerary. So other went off to their own plans. Unfortunately (in an ironic manner), other members were not able to go on their respective plans and decided to join us. We met up at the Ecoland Bus Terminal at 4 am. It took us 2 hours to leave the bus terminal because we’re waiting for others and my nerve began to shake when the rain came. We left the terminal via Cagayan bus at about 6:30 am and arrived at the Maharlika, Marahan- our jump off, after almost 3 hours of ride. Fortunately, bu God’s grace, the rain began to subside as we came nearer to the site. 13112_1208250725857997_6407445142848733085_nAfter saying our prayers for the safety of our trip, we trekked for about 30-minutes but for me, it felt like we were trekking for an hour due to some challenging trail. I remembered being lost one time and had to go through maharlika plants (maybe the reason why the place was called maharlika). The rest of the trail. however, was easy enough. 11130086_1208251352524601_9166325526685532144_n 11109449_1208252932524443_2547644617172178898_n No matter how long we were about to trek, the upper view was already welcoming. It can be compared to Baguio, giving me the energy and good vibes (plus the people I am with) ๐Ÿ˜€ ]DSC01835 We reached the campsite at around 11 am, perfect for morning/afternoon meal. Everybody was already hungry for sure! While others were cooking, the rest of us took the time to get some rest for our afternoon affair. And that, for sure, include spelunking. Hahah Rest. Ate. Rest and go! 11008058_1208257482523988_4391163816245627359_n This was the entrance of our first caving destination. They called it the Cathedral Cave because of the wonderful rock, Cathedral-shaped formation inside. As we usually do, we asked the Heavenly father for our safety and proceed with the activity. 11102724_1208263185856751_2727246484747668333_n 10409036_1208263452523391_3841058660721297011_n 11091248_1208265115856558_5519868862930103653_n Inside, we saw number of bats flying above us, their feces on our feet and the stalagmites/stalactites around us. As described by Kuya, the cave before was different because they were able to witness flowing waters inside the cave, unlike that time. We also had to be very careful as different deadly creatures such as snakes and spiders might emerged all of the sudden. Fortunately, there were none and we passed the cave with no one put to danger. Hehe That’s why I was smiling that big (see my pic below). 11137127_1059851227365354_2429562052353953365_nFrom there, we crossed a creek with an ankle-deep water level on our way to the Underground Cave, the most challenging so as they said. That thought itself somehow excite me. 11052229_1208262935856776_2773039224321354618_nI was actually bitten by an animal or some kind of strange plant (they called it Alingatong) touched my foot that caused irritation. Well, I had to suffer that “irritation” for quite long time even after we came back home.11038928_1208262985856771_4524070949376648749_nThat picture above was the entrance for the Underground Cave. I couldn’t take my excitement knowing that this cave holds the records as the most challenging cave. We prayed and then we proceed. God Bless! I hoped we can get through it. 22003_1208267062523030_8063557489867512680_n 1797446_1208267485856321_9202591189732066208_nThose are only some of the nerve-wrecking trails inside the cave. It required us to crawl, slid a bit, jump and climb- anything for the sake of adventure. I remembered one time when I had to crawl in between 12-inch and then had to be keen to avoid falling from an almost 10-feet deep hole.11046503_1059852747365202_5622041802653364669_n And yes we did. Such event was really extraordinary. 11073273_1208276532522083_4515630823711541237_n As far as spelunking and adventure-seeking are concerned, I realized one more thing or two. That in every place, it is necessary to respect all kinds of creatures (e.g not shouting inside the cave, putting flashlight directly on bats eyes), the people you are with for they have known the place much more than you and especially asked the guidance of the Heavenly Father. We sure to have observed the entire Holy Week and I’m pretty sure you have something to share to, aren’t you? Special thanks to the mountaineers from Sandawa-Apo Mountaineering and Ecology Club (SAMEC), to Milliscent Quraish Laminero and Joel Jonelas, Jr. for the pictures up above. I really appreciate it guys.


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