Disturb Us Lord


Last April 15 was scheduled to be our Recollection for all the graduating students! Hooray, though it seems that the road towards the 29th day of April is quite rocky at this point but hey, that’s gonna be OUR day! 😀 😀

Talking about recollection, it simply means giving your attention in the presence of God in the soul! It is in fact expected to be held in different areas aside from the school but after the activity, I’ve realized that there’s no exact place to be with God. He is everywhere!

I wanna share to you the prayer I have above this post. It’s the prayer that father William Cajes, our Recollection Master, used during recollection. The message itself is powerful especially at point when we become comfortable living our daily means. When we cease to push our limits and discover the true potential that God has given to us even from the day before we are born. Evey line of the prayer represents the spiritual aspects of it’s author, Sir Francis Drake. Nobody would even think of him as a pirate- the one that can be considered as criminal for the country’s enemy.

I know it’s quite early to be saying this. I haven’t yet achieve so much in my life just to live within the comfort zone. But even with these little experiences I have, I learned to continually challenge myself. My past life has become the evident of it. And may the Lord continues to provide His guidance towards my upcoming endeavor. Not only for me but for the rest of my family, colleagues, future clients and entire humanity.


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