Cheers to First Year and More


Here’s for my first year in the blogging world!

There’s a saying that goes, “A journey to the thousand miles begins with a single step”. When I made this site, I had the vision of being like other famous bloggers while garnering viewers and readers. However, as I go on, I learned it’s great importance.

Not only did I make this for documentation purposes, I also found my safe haven through this little site. For sure I could have number of breakdowns along the way, series of personal disappointments but the more I expressed it here, the more it’s easier for me to move on. Aside from ranting my way out, this site has since become my storage of some of my rarest experiences, my “firsts” and fun-filled, new-found passion that ladies’s in their tweenties must uncover. It’s the phenomenon which I called “Nothing beats the first time”. Here’s the step to few more years ahead. I intend to do blogging as I want to do climbing, travelling, eating and breathing.

I may still have a long way ahead of proving myself to this world. No, I don’t need to prove anything, just to express, discover and learn out of these will do a great thing. Have a nice day ahead. God bless! ❤ ❤


One thought on “Cheers to First Year and More

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