Two Facets of an Answered Prayer

I am in the stage right now wherein thousands of possible things may happen. I just had the door closed to have myself ready for what’s real, what’s about to happen and how things might be done. They are countless of them. But even before I venture my way out of this world, I know I already have my prayers answered. Sometimes, the odds are in my favor but most of the time, it’s the other way around. It feels like like I’m having a battle on my own, myself going against myself. I really do want to win it, surpass it so as not to be my living ordeal. I want to move forward and don’t want to deal with any unmet expectations, disappointments and other personal weaknesses that I set for myself in the past. Instead, I leave it all to God who never fails into making His plans for His children. His will be done.

Almighty Father, I gave you thanks for giving me such solid social support in the form of my family, peers, former workmates and associates.

Jamora, MAria Michaela 1 soft

Photo Credits: New Jersy Studio

For my greatest treasure of all, my family. I know we have never been perfect and that we will never be one. But even imperfection won’t stop us from being a family. The blood was already tested, but it gets even thicker. Amidst all those unfavorable circumstances, we emerged us one. That’s the spirit I’ve got and remains to be my inspiration in the entire course. There were countless of times wherein I let myself down and chose not to let anyone know but I had it in my mind that those were nothing compared to the ones they had experienced. I was better because I had my family behind me, whose unconditional love for me will remain even after I had doubted myself. I have taken their love much more than what I have given to them. They chose to let go of few things in exchange for the bigger ones- the kind of life we are experiencing right now. For whatever reason there is, I am blessed to have them Lord. May you blessed them with such infinite love, understanding and forgiveness for one another, that they will be Your living evidences of your everlasting love for all humankind.

For my peers, former workmates and acquaintances. I thanked you Lord for having them during my crucial years of growing up. I might have think before that I can do things on my own, and that being with group of people might as well lead to complication. But You made me realize that things are as different when done in a team. For having them endured me at my worst and accepting me for who I am. I am more blessed to have left them with such good relationship. They may as well spread Your love to others.

Finally Almighty Father, in the coming years, I won’t only pray for my success but also for the success of others. I will not only pray to make myself functional in the society, but I might as well touched their lives, reignite their hopes and dreams. I might have failed myself once more, will disappoint the people around me, might get lost and scared just as how my sister described the possibilities of failing in the real world, but Yours is the light that will always shine, guiding me through your path.



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