In Doing Community Service for Women (Part 1)

One significant reason why students must have undergone an internship before their college days are over is for them to be exposed and be ready in a real working scenario. It’s an integration between knowledge and application. One cannot comprehend unless applied, or one cannot be applied unless being understood.

So this my first entry for “In Doing Service Community” series. Since May is for Mother’s Day, I made it so as to give tribute to the women’s (mothers and single mothers alike) contribution to the society. Hence, such activities was made possible by the the Barangay Council for Women’s, an organization responsible for the empowerment of the women whether solo parents or full time mom for as long as they belonged to their barangay. Here’s the glimpse of their Women’s Fest 2015 which started with a cooking contest and ended up with dancing contest.

Sine it’s a fiesta, to receive their bounty blessings would be normal.

After few days, we were once again invited to for a talk with a topic about empowerment. Geez, couldn’t believe I was talking in front of these empowered women.

Finally, the final league for our community extension was the Gender Sensitivity Training.

This is what I had learned during our community setting – the last phase of our 500-hour internship as a psychology major. I couldn’t be more thankful enough to the staffs of the City Social Services and Development Center – Talomo A District for the accommodation as well as the exposure to what’s reality and how things are going on around the said district. Perhaps, such exposure led us to discover our potentials and opened us doors for learning, application as well as honing our skills to be a better professional.


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