In Doing Community Service for All

Alas! Here comes the last!!

My 100-hour internship with the CSSDO brought us to diversity. Imagine if you were sent into few places in a day and your job ranges from doing community services, lending hands or just simply observing the whole community. There’s no amount of anything can match with the life lessons we’ve learned from that.

Our first exposure was called ” home visitation”. We accompanied Ma’am Pennie Torres to have a follow-up for the women who had file a VAWC (Violence Against Women and Children) case. After that, we walked through few miles to reach Brgy. Langub. The view up there kept us from being exhausted.

We also took part of the Day Care teachers’ evacuation of school stuffs in Ma-a.

We still wanted to do more.. The Araw ng Barangay Catalunana Grande, our last exposure held at weekends.

Then came the culmination. It was postponed two days than the scheduled date since Ma’am Gilda was not available due to her prior commitment of accompanying the Day Care teachers on their seminar held at Baguio City. Sad to say most of the social workers were not available. However, we had just enjoyed the final moments and to get what we truly deserved (our evaluation.. 😀 :D).


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