In Doing Community Service for Senior Citizen

Yeey! Here comes the my fourth entry since I went back home and the second for my “In Doing Community Service..” blog series. These series, if ever I failed to inform you guys in my previous post (which I actually did 😀 :D) entailed my experiences as an intern at the CSSDO – Talomo A District. The said social welfare arm of the City Government of Davao is mandated to provide basic social services to the disadvantaged, depressed, oppressed, and exploited citizenry of the city. Furthermore, as described through their site, it provides comprehensive programs and services which will take a span from “womb to tomb” and “ejaculation to resurrection”. That’s how they say it. 🙂

As part of their services, social workers provide assistance to senior citizens through social pension and even attending some of the latter’s social gatherings. Below are the celebration of the first anniversary of a group of senior citizen from Brgy. Ma-a.

And who wouldn’t expect that me (as being “parehong kaliwa ang paa” as I am) somehow manage to dance with Tatay in tanggos, cha-cha and other “groovy dance”. But alas! the joy was as rewarding!

The fun never stopped as we bade farewell from these Tatays and Nanays to help Sir Ariel who had conducted a Social Pension for the senior citizens at Brgy. Talisay. Picture below was taken while I was interviewed tatay. They were so helpless and I felt something inside. I remembered one time when one Nanay cried while on the course of an interview. Then I realized that if I could be more capable enough, I would have lend a hand with each one of them. But that time, the least thing I could do was to interview them.



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