UM’s 69th Commencement Exercise

Hoooray for all of us! Though I was done with all those “Thank You series” as my full-time response with the greetings and congratulations, I must also not forget to share to you my final moments as a student in the University of Mindanao – my one and only Alma Mater.

Though the days before the Baccalaureate and Graduation Days were already exhausting us, but we couldn’t let that exhaustion ruin our day. Mind to know why it’s exhausting? I’m gonna say this for one last time! We were a bit short for our 500-hour internship for circumstances that I no longer want to cite. Geez. To make things short, we were somehow obliged to follow the mandated 100-hour of service instead of 2-3 days of doing community exposure, which was unfortunately the agreement even before our OJT started. Those hundred hours would also mean rendering duties on weekends to make sure we would no longer have to think about “duty” after the graduation (which was happened exactly to my co-interns).

Anyway, my point was we had to let things go and move forward. Hahah. Below are the pictures I really wanted to share before going too emotional again. Heheh Peace! 😛

Baccalaureate Mass: Before and After


There’s the grandiose stage.


Proud Papa Jamie here.. hehe


The abats behind The Abat. Haha


My gayish friends John, Jade and Albert!

This is the day that the Lord has made. Yehey. It’s time to march.

There goes my looks. HMUA: myself :D; dress: hand-over dress from sister (sister-power); necklace: 18th Birthday gift from Ate Queyl and Kuya Himan.


Here’s with Papa


L-R: Jade’s mom and bro, Jade, Gail, Papa and Me


funtabulous pose




Photo Credit: Gail Mondares

Of course, moments and memories were more unforgettable when you had taken a picture with some of your closest friends. Again, we’re the Abats -the incomplete. Heheh


oh it’s wear-your-toga time.


That’s Rose (right side of Albert) and Tolits beside me


The entourage este, the stage…


Papa again hehe


official UM Alumni

As I’ve said, graduation has neven been the end. Yet, it’s the beginning.

Facing the real world.

Facing the real world.


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