Cold Flee

This is in continuation with my previous post about Falls hunting in Epol Falls. I intended to separate this entry since it no longer involved my antics in falls escapade. 😀 Rather, it’s more about what we (I’m with the Abats BTW) encountered along the way. Let’s see what we’d been up to.

Sleeping inside a forest reminded me of my home in Bukidnon. The weather there was no joke. However, we opted to sweep the coldness away by doing chitchats while observing other groups staying at the other cottage and on their tents respectively. The last group of 17 individuals who arrived at the campsite too late in the evening decided to stay at the falls area. Gush! I couldn’t imagine how it would feel like staying there the whole night.

And so the sun rose up in the morning and we’re all fixed up. 🙂

Of course, we wouldn’t let these to pass without having individual poses at the jump off area. 😀 😀

From there, we’d waited for few more minutes until we decided to kill the time by trekking along the highway. 😀

Few miles of walking were worth it. We stopped by as soon as we saw “strawberries” for sale. Hehe Well, laughed as much as you wanted to but it was definitely my FIRST time to EAT strawberries. 😀 😀 😀 I wouldn’t mind indulging myself a bit to it.

Not only did we spoil ourselves with strawberries but also with the Baganihan’s rarest and luxuriant flowers and plants. As rare and luxuriant as they were that their features seemed to be unfamiliar to me. I only see these plants through buses’ windows before whenever I went back home. We had also seen a white cow, my first. 😀 Too many firsts for this.

Indeed, the place was a perfect getaway. So peaceful. Harmonious. Delightful. We almost forgot that we’d been walking for hours already because there were no bus at all. Who would have thought of time when you’re surrounded with such great mountainous views, right?

After few hours, we decided to take a pose in front of another good destination- the Alice Loghouse. With our aching feet, we we’re like screaming for help.

Seconds, minutes to hours, we’d finally hit the ball. Alas, here we found our only savior. And you wouldn’t want to believe this -we got hitchhiked and rode above the fish carrier from Marahan to Calinan. How was that hah? Haha My “another firsts” once again. 😀 😀


There’s my evidence. 😛 I do hope you get to enjoy our trip. I’m waiting to hear from yours too. ❤


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