Falls Hunting: E.P.O.L Falls

So I became obsessively addicted to nature. It’s a confession I must really say. 😀 I really wanna go beyond what lies inside the city of Davao. I’ve had enjoyed much of it, as per the evidences of my previous posts that were under travel categories. Today, my entry will be about the Epol Falls, my recent travel destination after graduation and before hitting home. There’s a story behind it.

The reason why I loved to choose waterfalls over beaches this time was the fact that I became excessively interested into going to mountainous sides of the region and knowing that waterfalls can be found on these sides, it would feel like I was hitting two birds with a stone. After reading a couple of blogs, I’ve found it’s story to be totally heartwarming. See the legend here. The formerly known as Green Valley was then renamed as EPOL- the acronym of Everlasting Power of Love based on the legend of Matigsalug tribe being passed down from generations to generations.

Aside from the story itself, I’ve found this to be the most hilarious of all the trips I’ve had in the past. To mention that this happened two days after graduation and a day after our internship culmination was exhausting enough. Plus the fact that my colleague was almost never allowed to enter the Ecoland Terminal because of the butane, which I fortunately got through using my “ninja moves”. 😀 As if the agony never ended when while waiting for the bus to arrive, I’d realized that I forgot my rice cooker! The very reason why I was left by the bus after running and chasing after it. Gezz, I was like really? Blame it all to me being sooooo forgetful these days. 😦 With no choice left, I had to do three-hour ride from city proper to Baganihan, Marahan all ALONE. 😦

But the place was again, rewarding as it had always been. Compared to the trails going to Sandawa Falls, its own trail was established enough considering the number of visitors going down to that place. That would also mean less of a challenge for me (forgive me if I sounded too boastful for you. 😀 ).

From the highway, there was a house where you can pay your P7.00 entrance fee per head. From there, it only took us ten minutes to go down to the falls. And behold… 🙂

There’s more to it.

Of course, “posing like a pro” poses wouldn’t be missed. 🙂 Might it be in and out of the water, the show must go on. 😀 😀

As if we hadn’t yet satisfied ourselves with the chilling water, I happened to discover new set of waterfalls just above the Epol. I thought we might just want to spoil once. Haha

As we enjoyed ourselves observing and watching numbers of tourists diving the catch-basin of the waterfalls, we again found ourselves discovering the third and last set of cascade.

Being there was like taking a doze of God’s wonderful creations. It was much appreciated.

From freezing waters, sharing “inato” foods into wrapping ourselves too seriously as the night came. I wouldn’t be any happier. It’s a quality over quantity bond after all.


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