Into Foods and Celebration

In my previous post, I wrote things about the recent celebration and the reunions I had with my fellow classmates who successfully endured the college life. Those who didn’t make it this year will sure to have the next few years to finish their school. There’s no giving up, right? Heheh

I’ve written a lot of things though, but I guess I forgot one! Guess it please! 😀

In every Filipino celebrations such as birthdays, thanksgiving and the list goes on, one thing that must be fully given attention are the foods to served. Not that I’m saying Filipinos require you to order extra-super-special-million-dollar type of foods (too exaggerated, eh? 😀 ) just to satisfy their special taste buds, but some Pinoy style dishes will keep their mouths wanting for more.

So let’s start with the special viands.

  1. Afritada and Caldereta- The ingredients for these two are almost likely the same. And I even couldn’t tell if the way it’s cooked is also different. Maybe you can guess right away by just staring at pictures, can’t you?
  1. Beef Steak and Pork Humba. As enticing as these two recipes can be, we still have to be careful enough though! 😀
  1. Roasted pig and Bihon. These two are the most common of all the aforementioned dishes. The first one (lechon) to be the primary recipe and the second (bihon) to be the “back-up” just in case viands wouldn’t suffice. Very Filipino dishes! And by the way, Filipinos really wouldn’t mind making bihon as viand despite of being a GO Food. 😀

Next up is the desserts. ❤ My favorite dishes during fiestas are the ones that will make your tooth ache for once in a while. Hahaha.

  1. Cakes- Haha two cakes for two people. Basically, these cakes reserve as an evident that one should never underestimate the home made cakes. They’re fresh and a must-be-devoured items.
  1. Salad and Spag- These two also never go out of style in terms of dessert popularity. Everybody loves them!

Ain’t your tummies reacting right now? Hahah

So you see right there, Filipinos are more accustom into eating more since others might use the occasion to free up their budget and reserve it for the next meal. That’s the common scene right here. It’s not just about “filling” their stomachs but also making them “feel” that they are welcome, further enhancing one’s relationship and camaraderie into fellow human beings. It’s celebrating the Filipino way!

Perhaps, I will thank my sisters Joy and Queyl for making this salo-salo possible and also Mama Bebe and Papa Roy cooking the dishes above. Probably the very reason why I couldn’t put enough details in the aforementioned menus. I am more of an eater, by the way. Then to Auntie Ressie and Auntie Let-let for helping us out in the preparation. You made this celebration a whole lot easier. Finally, to all the people who went their way up their to celebrate with us. Thank you so much!


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