Twenty Firsts

Upon looking from the title itself, what will you guess? I’m actually thinking about that! 😀

As if it’s not obvious enough but I do really post a lot about the events and the places I’ve traveled so far. Partly, it’s because I want this site to be my travel online diaries and my home for my first “firsts”. Hehe Speaking of first, I want to share to you the twenty “firsts” which I considered to be worthy enough to draw a post.

Living for about two decades must have not necessarily lead me into death-threatifying experiences. Unlike others whom I only knew through their virtual escapes, they dedicated much of their teens into doing hilarious acts and bold as well as just being naturally  born dare devils. I don’t have much of those but hey, there’s always a room for first timers right? 😛

Too much of a blah blah! 😀

In terms of being hardworking/determine working student, I’ve finally got my price! Not to mention the “What-I’ve-gone-through” things before finally getting this one. 🙂

1. First time to hold a degree in Psychology 

2. First time to get in touch with real drug dependent individuals and be involved (and informed) of the social services indicated to each individual.

3. First time to quit my first ever job to lay down a way for internship. Yes, strictly for internship purposes only. Hahaha

In terms of being an adventure freak,

4. First time to be part of special major climb to Mt. Talomo.

5. First time to hitchhike and ride on top of the fish carrier vehicle.

6. First time to visit two wonderful caves in one day.

7. First to visit two waterfalls in with one month apart.

8. Got to see the first-ever volcano in my whole life- Mt. Taal. 

Or of simply being a natural wanderer.

9. First to step in Historical Places such as Intramuros, Fort Bonifacio and a lot more. Haha (Poor me, I never had the chance to go to Manila until 2013.)

10. First time to visit Tagaytay.

11. My first time to visit and plan a week-long escapade in Palawan together with my parents and sister. I should be a travel agent after this. 😀 😀

Such an eater, I’d never tasted this fruit until I was 20.

12. My First taste of Strawberries. It was weird though to consider strawberries as my favorite fruit (all thanks to its color “pink”) when in fact, never have I ever tasted that one little fruit.

Of course, being a dreamer has always perks, right?

13. First time to register myself in an international scholarship for a Master’s Degree in Psychology. I’m quite ambitious and determined, don’t you think? May God bless me with this endeavor. 🙂

14. First time to get a passport. Yeah, and be rejected three times. Hahah not bad at all, right?

15. First time to get this blog done and make an FB page out of love for this blog . I’ve said enough about this M.I.C.H.A.E.L.A 😀 You might check it out itsmicaejamora. 😀

Not enough if being a responsible citizen hasn’t come in my way during twenties. heheh

16. First time to register in a COMELEC. Hah! I’ve finally decided to be a full-pledge Filipino citizen here.

17. Being able to first recognize and to put a legal action in order to correct my NSO Birth Certificate, an error which expands to more than two decades. Mind you, I was registered as “male”. 🙂 Haha Probably the reason why I acted so boyish and had my passport application rejected three times.

And the last three goes to me being spontaneous-obsessive brat. I may like you now, or never at all.

18. To be quite obsessed with Cara Delevingne for the first time. She’s just so awesome after realizing that hating her eyebrows would be my last thing I will do. I’m an anti fan but when you see her doing different stunts and showing her quirks, falling for her will definitely be inevitable. And oh, I also love other supermodels, I just love her first. 😛

19. First time to draw myself into movies and at times, in books and fashions. This is probably to lessen up my boredom after quitting my job and to prevent myself from being procrastinator.

20. First time to celebrate my 21st birthday with majority of my family in a place other than Mindanao. It’ll be the most fantastic birthday celebration so far. Just be sure to count 21 more days after this post and you’ll surely get to know my birth date. Hahah

There you go! Those are the lists of my twenty firsts things to do and had done before turning 21. Hahah It’s my way of looking back into few things I’d never thought I’d be doing at this point. I hope you like some of those. But wait, will you share yours,too? ❤


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