Viva Senior San Isidro

Living far away from home eventually leads me into missing my hometown’s fiestas and other festivities. We rarely get one in Davao  as we are too busy minding things. I can only imagine when I was young and my father used to bring me into such celebrations. He’s practically my partner in terms of accomplishing “BunTaKaPi”, our infamous short term for Bunyag (baptismal), Tapos (burial), Kasal (marriage ceremony) and Pista (fiestas). In Philippine setting, once you do have one of these gatherings, you are expected to throw “kainan” for people who shared with you trough thick and thin.

Talking about pista, I’ve recently get myself back to my long-gone routine. Present myself in fiesta and bring the whole memories once reunited with fellow friends.

With the Bud Brothers. Hahah They were once a famous “Buds” in our high school days and I’m happy to see them once more. Of course, the AYA family. 😀

Being with them is the most high lighted part of my vacation. ‘Til next then. Viva Senior San Isidro.

Special thanks to Angus family for the accommodation and great treat.


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