Taken 3


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Woah. Taken, taken 2 and 3

These were awesome. Need to fasten your seatbelt before you’re gonna try to watch it.

I love the fact that Liam has never failed his mission as a father and as an ex-husband to Leoneore. But guess what, how about being set up as your ex-wife’s murderer if all you ever did was to protect and love her the way you love your daughter. That’s pretty devastating, if you know.

The actions were full-packed, from beginning to end. And mind you, don’t be too predictable to give conclusion by saying “that damn antagonist is dead so end of the show. Bye”. Because definitely, it won’t go that way. There’s still much to see within 30 minutes remaining and that’s gonna lead to who’s the real badass. That made me so unconsciously obsessed with seeing the remaining time while the playing the movie. Tsk. I know I’ve been tricked again, thinking the Russians were the real ones. But damn, they’re not. Not that I would have it because the real one was seen from the very start, hailed his way as the good shepherd but ending up as the real antagonist. Guess who this is? Leonoere’s oh-so-devoted husband, Stuart! You’ll see, the end is totally worth the wait. The end will tell you he used his wife as part of the failed business deal and that he let the Russians killed her to bring Bryan’s attention. Of course, this innocent Bryan must obviously chase these Russians and killed them just to realize he was trapped and fooled. He actually realized that earlier but I bet, he needs the Big Boss Russian to personally tell him he’s fooled. He must have done a great job by sparing Stuart from the Russians. Oh I must’ve been accustomed to these American stories of “using” and “betraying” style.

Aside from these twists, there’s something more to see! His unconditional love for his daughter Kim and made it as his priority (if you’ve heard him say that). God, I loved this (family) man! He’s gonna go from end to end of this world just to secure Kim’s security. Just like what he did in the previous Taken franchises. How about the police? Well, they’re there to wobble up the show. There’s not much of contribution made. I guess Bryan’s friends gave the biggest contribution.

The actions and car chasing are somehow a bit common though. I’ve seen those before especially when he let the car leaped from one road to another, driving all their way into an opposite-direction road and seeing those vehicles coming across the line.


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