Fifty Shades of Grey



I actually see this movie as the Cinderella/ wild Type. There’s a girl who’s simple and naïve characters made this dominant type of man to easily conquer her vulnerable nature. He’s after all, a dominant and has a need to control everything, including her.

It’s his pleasure and I don’t think the girl’s being too intimated with that. Not so bad, but I guess his way of lavishing her with expensive gifts like cars, clothes, etc made me think she’s a bit digger. And why not? She’s a fresh graduate and haven’t established her career yet and worked as a part-time in a hardware store. She only confidently agrees to be his sex-slave after all those blessings begun to show up in front of her door. Well, I guess I need to count on her “love” as well so as not to make this a bit sarcastic.
So much about the romance and sex, there’s in me the need to see and understand how things work when you’re in a BDSM kind of relationship. For this movie, however, I only got to see Dominant. I now have a clearer view on why’s and how’s work together. Thanks for reiterating the contract, by the way. That’s much of a good use! Plus Christian’s past life of being submissive to her mother’s friend somehow adds up to his current situation. Never go underestimate one’s past for portions of it will let you understand the person as a human. Aside from that, I bet her motives in agreeing with all of these come from the rose-tinted perception she’s got all the way from receiving expensive gifts, high class adventures up to meeting his family. These things made her the submissive, not really the person inside her. You can’t blame her for that. It’s in fact a wise move for her not to immediately sign the contract. Very wise! Much more than that, I loved Anastasia by being so real in the end. Seeing herself fight for the unrequisited love while trying to understand Christian and her own in a psychological way is like taking up a real battle.
The acting was quite superb and passionate, especially when you see them getting hot. Geez, everytime I look at Anastasia’s eyes and lips plus that defensive gestures of Christian, you can’t help yourself from falling. It made me grouse. Haha
So I intend to leave spaces for your exploration, which mean you have to watch the movie by yourself. And be the judge. But for me, 7/10.


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